HD resources

I highly recommend to gift yourself at least one Human Design book. It can make a big difference in your journey of growth. Good news: the last book on this list is free ♡

Oh, and consume this information wisely. Don't let your mind decide which resources to read... instead, let your Authority decide.

- If your Authority is Sacral or Splenic, let your gut/intuition decide what to read or buy. It's an instant knowing, and you can act on it right away
- If your Authority is Emotional, don't be too impulsive when it comes to buying books. Preferably, sleep on it! And when it comes to articles, read the ones that elicit a response from your body, rather than from your mind (gut, heart, sacral spleen.... I don't care, whatever is defined in your chart and gets you going)
- All other Authorities: simply apply what you already learned about your Authority to decide on the best resources for you to dive into. Don't know much about it yet? Simply feel into your body and inner instructions to decide.


  • Human design app
    Free, or paid version. Check the daily transits and see what affects your gates/channels, open and defined centers. The app has great chart details.  Can also be used to put charts on top of each other to see where the energy flows between you and your loved ones (paid)
  • My human design app
    Free, or monthly membership with basic info, daily tips and voice messages for your design


  • Chetan Parkyn - Human design - discover the person you were meant to be
    This is probably the easiest book to start with. All the Types, Centers, Gates, Channels, and Profiles are intuitively explained in plain language. However, if you like great exactness, precision and depth of detail, this book is not going to fully satisfy you. I own the e-book myself, and it has been the best start for me. Chetan Parkyn has been giving readings for more than 35 years, and the book is built from his experiential wisdom

  • Chetan Parky and Carola Eastwood - The book of destinies
    Discover the life you were born to live. Your definitive guide to your unique life theme - all 192 variations

  • Karen Curry Parker - Understanding Human Design. The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are
    This book was the perfect upgrade for me after reading Chetan Parkyn's book, because it went more into depth. She is amazing at explaining the bigger picture, and how Channels and Gates are connected to our evolution as a human species. She gives less information about the profiles than Chetan Parkyn does. This is for the ones of you who want to not just understand your profile, but also want to understand the mechanics behind it

  • Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu - Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu
    This book is THE book I'll recommend to any Human Design "nerd" (like me). It is the most precise book, which is no surprise since it comes directly from the source (Ra Uru Hu). I wouldn't necessarily advice it as a starting book, unless you feel a deep desire to understand Human Design on its' deepest level. What you'll find inside: all the Types, Profiles, Centers, all the Incarnation Crosses (life goals), all the combos of numbers and lines (from 1.1 to 64.6; this is something you won't find in the other books), and more

  • Mary Ann Winiger - A Revolution of One. An Intimate Story of a Generator
    Of all the books, this one has made the most impact on me - it inspired me to start living my design, instead of just reading about it. It's a diary of a brave woman who decided to radically test her Human Design Strategy and Authority. She quit almost anything that was happening in her life, and started waiting for things to respond to. Literally. She has shown me that by doing 'nothing', the most amazing things come into your life. And... that it takes time. Mary Ann is a 6/2 non-emotional Sacral Generator

  • Evelyne  Levenson -  Becoming an Empowered Projector: Thrive with Wisdom and Guidance from Human Design
    I haven't read this myself, but I will to support my mental projector child. It is receiving good feedback from my projector clients. They tell me it was useful to read because it focused on projectors only, not all the other energy types as well. Especially the focus on how projectors are here to guide others was important, I am being told

  • Robin Winn - Understanding the Centers in Human Design
    (if you sign up for her free newsletter you are sent this extensive 400 page pdf about the centers)
    I've read this book last year from page to page. And even after four years of intense HD-study, it truly has deepened my understanding of the centers. If you really want to 'crack the Human Design code', you’ll need to get a good grip on the centers. My favorite part in this book Her approach to the Open Centers. She not only goes into their challenges, but also into their potential as 'God portals'

Human design reading

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